HELLO friends!! We hope you are all safe, healthy and happy!

The travel industry has been HIT HARD with this pandemic, so we are hopeful that all Americans will travel soon. Hotels, motorcoach companies, museums, restaurants and other destinations are struggling and I hope to support those organizations when we are back "on the road" in 2021. Bee Well!

We appreciate your business and we are glad to to be in our 10th year in business! Our best marketing team is YOU! We appreciate when you share our information, invite a friend, or encourage a group to travel with us. Thank you!! Click on "Upcoming Tours" for all the details of new tours.

Visit festivals, museums, theater productions, unique restaurants, shopping destinations and more on a one-day or multiple-day tour. 2021 trips will be added as we confirm the details, so keep looking

We deliver VIP treatment at each tour destination!

We make getting there as much fun as being there.

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We Make Getting There As Much Fun As Being There

Ask anyone who's been on a Bee On The Go tour and you'll hear stories of fun and friendship along with a great experience at the destination.

VERA BRADLEY ANNUAL SALE – Always a fun day!

The Vera Bradley Annual Sale in Ft. Wayne, Indiana has been cancelled again for 2021. They just didn't feel like they would be able to meet the safety guidelines in the large collesium (darn Covid-19). "Aunt Vera" loves our groups from Dayton, so I will be one of the first to know the dates and details for 2022. So stay tuned - we will celebrate BIG!

For Bee On the Go Travel the Vera Bradley tour holds special meaning because it was the very first tour in 2011. So in additionl to a wonderful group of bright, colorful ladies on the tour, we "celebrate our birthday" with prizes and snacks and fun! And we collect gently used purses and tote bags to donate to those in our community who need a little TLC.

Groups that arrive by motorcoach are treated like VIP guests by "Aunt Vera" and her staff. No long lines. A place to take a break. And some extra "gifts." Our luncheon location, Cork 'N Cleaver in Ft. Wayne, does an outstanding job of letting our guests order off the menu. The food and service is always top rate!

You will want to make your reservation soon for our quickest selling tour!

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Islands of New England: June 25 – July 2, 2020

This will be another "ahh haa" tour with our friends at Collette. Our group from Dayton will fly to Boston to start our eight-day excursion. Check out "Upcoming Tours" to see all the details.

If that tour doesn't work for you ... see below for information about how you can book a Collette tour as an individual.

As a World Connect partner with Collette, Bee On the Go Travel guests receive a small discount whenever booking a Collette tour. Our ID# is 1911694 or just give them "Bee On the Go Travel."

Occasionally, we give our customers the chance to join us on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. We've been to Italy, Ireland, Alaska and now Hawaii. Stay tuned for our next group tour with Collette. and Alaska in recent years.

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